the ARTIST|experience 

Do you want a guaranteed spectacular music experience for your next event? Book Brian Fentress & Friends as the guest vocalist and it will happen! Brian can do it all, from singing his original compositions and arrangements, performing seasonal material (such as Christmas concerts), and bringing a unique perspective to other artisit’s music like in his new project: Tribute to Ray Charles. With his soothing baritone range, Brian successfully combines his experiences with gospel, classical, jazz, R&B, pop, funk and soul music into a unique blend of warm tones, soul stirring vibrato and memorizing melodies. He also knows exactly how to connect with an audience, instinctively delivering passionate and breathtaking performances every time. Brian has the natural ability to incorporate genuine expression and real emotions into anything he sings, while simultaneously bringing a level of energy and excitement that can be compared to none. If you are looking for an unforgettable artist experience, hire Brian for next event!

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the WORKSHOP|experience

If you invite Brian for a workshop or choir consultation, be prepare for an event you will never for get. He leads workshop choirs with passion, sensitivity, joy, and endless energy. He also chooses songs that will stay in the hearts of participants for life. Brian opens his life to the participants, so they see first hand how the music affects him personally. Regardless of age, cultural background, singing experience or faith, participants always leave the workshop uplifted, encouraged, excited about Gospel music, and full of positive energy after working with Brian. If you want to have the same experience, then be sure to invite Brian as an instructor for your next workshop!

the CONSULtation|experience 

Every choir eventually comes to the point of wanting to "take it to the next level.” Unfortunately, many choirs do not posses the skills to achieve this growth on their own. It is normal for choirs to then search for an outsider’s prospective and experiences, to help them fully realize their desires. Brian’s energizing and innovative instruction leaves choirs feeling confident and empowered to continue on in reaching new levels in their musical journey. Areas focused on in his consultations include, but are not limited to; group and individual vocal training, elevating dynamics and expression, developing and perfecting choreography, expanding repertoire, and cultivating spiritual growth. Invite Brian for a consultation with your choir, and they will never be the same!

the PRODUCTION|experience 

When it comes to production, Brian has been blessed with the ability to see the “big picture” as well as understand all of the intricate and technical details in making a great recording. Brian gives 100% in every project by constantly incorporating his trained ear, creativity, dependability, and attention to detail. He has experience recording in both studio and live settings and has learned from talented producers such as Fred Hammond and OZD. Brian is skilled in giving vision to a simple musical idea and bringing it to life. He possesses the unique ability to pull out the best in every singer, musician, and technician he meets. Some of his producing credits include: Lighthouse LIVE CD/DVD, I Am Regeneration EP, Gospel Joy Live CD/DVD, and To On CD/DVD. Whether it is for a full composition, arrangement, or creative/executive production, hiring Brian will give you the production experience you need!